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With a mission to charge your human batteries and help you get unstuck, together we'll work to create a sustainable healing program so you can move well throughout life.


Jenn Lee Superstar is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and Lotus Flow Yoga Teacher.


With a sunshine spirit and welcoming heart, Jenn will guide you through your next level of healing. She specializes in Lomi Lomi - a traditional Hawaiian massage, Shiatsu - a Japanese acupressure therapy, and Myofascial Release - the liberation of restricted connective tissues. Read more about those modalities here.

Trained at NYC's Swedish Institute, Kapuaokalani Academy of Hawaiian Soulistic Healing in Oahu and with other master teachers from around the world, Jenn developed a unique therapeutic healing practice with an expansive holistic approach that is both highly spiritual and grounded in practicality.

Jenn's specialty involves radically transforming your internal space and environment. Through regulating the physical body and simultaneously tapping into subtler energetic realms, your body's innate capacity to heal itself is restored.

Jenn's expert healing hands will help return you to a balanced state of wellness so you can experience daily exuberance and freedom of movement in your life.

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